In 1937 Lino Macarra introduced the now famous Mac's Nut Bar from a small stand on the corner of 50th Street and 22nd Avenue.   In 1946 Lino opened an ice cream parlour known as Mac's Canteen; as it remains at the present location.  Lino took pride serving his customers homemade Italian hot beef and pastrami sandwiches.  Mac's continues to serve Kenosha with Mac's Nut Bars and great Italian sandwiches. Kris Osborne now oversees the daily operations of the business; Kris takes great pride in carrying on the Mac's traditions and introducing her knew culinary creations to the deli.  Kris has a background in the culinary arts and nutrition.  Mac's Deli and Catering offers extensive catering menus from appetizers and dips to full plated dinner options.